Why Responsive Websites?

Meaning of Responsive Website Design (RWD)

A Site with Responsive Website Design(RWD) is a site which has the adaptability to any of the screen size. A Responsive Website has a fluid and flexible design which changes images, content, menu etc. according to the Screen size.

History of Responsive Website Design (RWD)

Responsive Website Design(RWD) was first introduced in 2010, It allows you to take your desktop site that can be delivered to any of the device size so that, Users are able to access the size with no scrolling and zooming.

In the previous time Designers & Developers used to create more than one site to cover various different Screen sizes. If, we have a look on the number of device sizes in the current market, this looks completely rigorous to have these numbers of sites.

Importance of Responsive Website Design (RWD)

  • Low Cost Maintenance
  • Flexible Images & Content
  • Improve SEO Rankings
  • Flexible Images & Content
  • Increment in Small Device Traffic

Low Cost Maintenance:-  This is the most important feature of RWD Websites for the Clients looking for low budget project. As per this point, Only a single version of the site is launched with RWD Characterstics (Media Query) rather than launching many version for various devices.
Then this feature will definitely decreases the cost of the project as only a single version is launched instead of two or more.

Easy Maintainence:- We all know that every person may not have time or the proper knowledge to keep the regular updates of their websites. So, if the website has RWD features then the working team has RWD features then the working team has to update the changes of the websites once as per the Client’s Information and this will make the same update on all devices. They don’t need to update it according to different device size sites.     

Improve SEO Rankings:- In today’s Scenario if your Website is non-responsive then you are wasting the efforts of SEO as it affects your SEO work Contrarily. RWD is the point which can’t be ignored as per today’s conditions and without SEO your Website will have a down position as per the Google Rankings. As RWD featured websites relies on same URL and same Code for all devices. It creates better chances for the upliftment of Website Ranking but for that you should have a unique content.

Flexible Images & Content:- If you have used RWD characterstics then the Flexibilty of the Images and Content is upto you i.e. how you play with Images and Content for various Media devices. Using this feature makes a website to look more better and then there will be no need to zoom or scroll the website while using small width devices i.e. tablet, mobile etc. By this feature a Web Designer can adjust all the items in a way so that it looks gorgeous and he/she can also use it as his own skills. The one more thing in RWD is that the Content & Images shifts according to the size of device.

Increment in Small Device Traffic:- Now It comes to the traffic on your business Website then having a responsive website helps you the most. In our Country, the majority of People are using mobile phones to access the internet as it is the cheapest device available to access the internet and small too. According to a Survey, Over 69% of Consumer’s say that they are ready to spend money on a Website if the Website is Mobile Friendly.